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Along the top of the VI Repository Manager Window you will find the toolbar which provides shortcuts to some of the most frequently needed functions used to edit the repository. The toolbar is shown below.

Figure 74 VI Repository Manager Toolbar

1. Add Package

This will open up a dialog where you can choose one or more packages to add to the repository. Before packages are added, you will be presented with a confirmation dialog.

2. Remove Package
Selecting this will remove the selected packages from the repository. There will be a confirmation dialog before packages are removed.
Note: Removed packages will no longer be accessible from VIPM clients.

3. Repository Selector
This selector allows you to switch between multiple configured repositories. If you need to add or remove a repository, you can select the last entry called: “Configure Repositories…” This will open the repository configuration page of the VIPM options.

4. Help
Opens the built-in help documentation inside your default web browser.

5. Search

This box allows you to search the current list of packages. Only packages that contain the search text will be displayed in the main package list.

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