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Special considerations for some LabVIEW destinations

      Toolkit VIs: This is the name given to the main install location for your toolkit. If you prefer to install your toolkit at a different base location than this, do not create a new destination but just change the base path or subfolder of this destination and use this one.

      Examples: Specifying that certain VIs get installed to this location is not enough to get your VIs into the Example Finder window in LabVIEW. You must also prepare your VIs for the example finder. For instructions on how to get your examples in the example finder please read this: We are currently working with National Instruments to transfer this process completely to VIPM and make it easier in the future. But currently, you must use NI's tool. There is one important note to be aware of. NI's tool assumes that all your examples are already installed in the correct location beneath LabVIEW. So you must install your package, run the tool, and then copy the examples back to your source. Also don't forget the bin3 file. It must be installed in the right location with VIPM. You can create a custom destination for the bin3 file.

      File Menu - Tools Menu - Help Menu: Custom menu items can be created by placing folders and VIs in those selected destinations. Note: Custom menu items in the File Menu will be displayed in the "File" menu for VIs, but not for projects. LabVIEW creates menus at launch based on the contents of these three folders. VIs in these folders will appear as a menu item, and will open when selected. Top-Level VIs in LLBs are treated the same as VIs. Sub-folders will appear as sub-menu items.

VIs will open when selected from the menu, but will not automatically run. If a VI should run when selected, set the VI to “Run when opened” in the Execution page of VI Properties.

All VIs, LLBs, and folders with filenames beginning with an underscore ("_") will not be included in the menu. Also, folders that do not contain a VI or LLB anywhere in their hierarchy will not be included, as they would have no sub-items.

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