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Right-Click Menu

The VI Repository Manager allows you to perform certain package actions directly from the package list.

Figure 77 VIRM Right-Click Menu

When you right-click on a package in the list, you can perform the following actions:


Selecting this will remove the selected packages from the repository. There will be a confirmation dialog before packages are unpublished.

Note: Make sure you have a backup copy of your package before un-publishing it.

Itís important to note that clients that have already downloaded the package will still be able to install it even though the package is unpublished. It will appear in their package list as unpublished.
Note: Unpublished packages will no longer be accessible from VIPM clients.


This will flag the selected packages as deprecated.
Note: This menu is only enabled if an undeprecated package is selected.


This will flag the selected packages as undeprecated.
Note: This menu is only enabled if a deprecated package is selected.

Get Info

This will launch the package information window. This window displays a summary of the information contained in the package.

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