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Deprecating Packages in the Repository

The VI Package Repository Manager allows you to deprecate packages. This feature is available from the VI Package Repository Manager Package >> Deprecate menu item. It’s also available from the right-click menu when selecting one or more packages in the repository manager package list.

You can visually tell if a package is deprecated because it contains an overlay with the letter D in the package list.

The following are reasons why we might want to deprecate a package:

•      A new, better package exists (with a different name) and has same functionality. It’s also better in other ways (more powerful, better, performance, better security, more features, etc.).

•      The package contains features with design flaws.

•      The package is no longer useful.

•      The package doesn't work in newer versions of LabVIEW.

•      The package was renamed -- deprecate the older version with the old name.


What do VIPM Clients See When a Package is deprecated?

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