VI Package Manager (VIPM)

Instrument Driver Network Tool

Make sure you select the LabVIEW version using the version selector before running this tool. This will ensure the right LabVIEW version is used.

This tool will import the layout and contents from a ZIP file that was downloaded from the IDNet website. Once imported, you can then build a package so you can manage your drivers using the VI package format.

You will need to have access to the original ZIP file of the driver that was downloaded from the IDNet website. You can also use the download link as shown in the image below. You will also need to have a target folder that VIPM will use to put the extracted driver source. This target location will be where any future development will happen on the package source. You can make changes to the driver source and then rebuild the package from there.

•      More information on the IDNet can be found here:

Install vs Import:

•      Install: Converts the driver zip file to source code. VIPM then build a package from the source and then installs it in LabVIEW. The original source is deleted. You can now uninstall the driver package. You can also re-install it since it’s now in the VIPM package library.

•      Import: Same as Install except that the source files are saved and the package is not built or installed. You have the choice to build the package of course later.

Figure 90Download URL - Instrument Driver Network Tool

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