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File Menu

Figure 38 – VI Package Builder "File" menu

New…: Selecting this item will display the New Package Build Project Dialog so you can specify the package source folder, Company Name and Product Name.

Open…: This will allow you to open a package build specification file (*.vipb, *.vipt). You will be presented with a file dialog where you can choose the file location. If you select a template (*.vipt) file then you will be asked to specify the package source folder.

Close…: Selecting this item will close the current opened build specification.

Save: Selecting this item will save the current build project.

Save As: Selecting this item will save the current build project under a different name. After save, VIPM will switch to the new saved file.

Save As Template: Selecting this item will save the current build project as a template (*.vipt) file. Template files are usefull if you have a specific configuration that you need to reuse for multiple package builds. All of the metadata is kept except for the source folder.

Recent Projects: This item will list previous package projects.

Exit: This will close the VI Package Builder window. Your package project is automatically saved on exit.

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