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Figure 27 PCE Tools Menu

Scan Project for Package Dependencies: This scans your existing LabVIEW source code project and finds all packages in-use by that project. This will bring up a file dialog where you can browse to a project file, (*.lvproj) top-level VI or a folder of VIs to use as the basis of your scan. After the scan is complete you will be presented with a results list in a Package Action Confirmation Window

Note: In order for VIPM to determine the required packages, they must already be installed on your selected LabVIEW version.

Resolve Differences with Installed packages: This will perform a comparison of the contents of your package configuration to your existing installed packages. The results of the comparison will be displayed in the Package Action Confirmation Window.

Apply Package Configuration: This will apply the current package configuration that is being edited. A package confirmation dialog will appear listing all the packages that will be installed. Applying a configuration performs an installation of all the packages specified in the configuration file.

Options: This will open the Options window and display the Package Configuration Editor Preferences section.

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