VI Package Manager (VIPM)

About VIPM

VI Package Manager (VIPM) is a package management tool that organizes and maintains packages within your LabVIEW environment. Itís the tool for obtaining and configuring libraries and development tools. You can also subscribe to shared repositories created with VIPM.

Various third-party development libraries and tools are supported for download via the LabVIEW Tools Network or the VI Package Network. These repositories are configured as built-in subscription channels within VIPM.

VIPM allows you to quickly access third-party networked code repositories and get them into your LabVIEW development environment in the shortest amount of time possible so you can get to the work of solving your automation problem.

VIPM also helps you build your own reuse tools into packages which can be installed in LabVIEW. VIPM has configuration management features that help you configure your LabVIEW development environment for your current project.

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