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Pro Edition

In addition to all the features available in VIPM Free Edition, VIPM Pro offers the following additional features:

      Can programmatically control numerous VIPM functions with the VIPM API.

      Can subscribe to other third-party or corporate repositories in addition to the built-in subscriptions.

      Enhanced VI Package Builder functionality

Ability to convert\import downloaded IDNet instrument drivers to packages.

Dependency Management with automatic source dependency scanning.

Advanced Dependency management with integrated Configuration Editor.

Allows you to build packages without external dependencies.

NI License and Activation dynamic binding.

Ability to password protect source VIs.

Ability to run Pre\Post build Custom Actions.

Ability to import palette icons via external image file or mnu file.

Ability to set the following palette properties: Description, short name.

Ability to dynamicaly set the VI Title for palette items.

You can build System packages

You can prevent items in your source from being compiled during build.

Can configure packages to control LabVIEW behaviour on install. For example: Restart LabVIEW after install or shutdown before install. You can also set packages to prevent compile on install.

Can have VIPM apply custom VI description text during build.

      Save Load and Apply Package Configuration files.

      Scan your LabVIEW Project to determine package dependencies.

      Support for non-networked computers by including all the packages in Package Configuration files.

      Allows you to create your own private or public shared repository where you can share your built packages.

      Add, remove and deprecate packages in your shared repositories.

      Allow repository access via http, https, drive letter or UNC paths.

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