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Help Menu

The help menu allows you to launch the help system and connect to online resources.

Figure 43 – VI Package Builder “Help” Menu

Show Help: This command opens the installed VIPM help document from your computer in the default web browser.

Online Support & Resources: Selecting this option will open a web page for access to VIPM support resources.

Show New Features of VIPM: Selecting this option will open the VIPM help document that describes the new features and changes in the current version of VIPM.

Suggest a Feature on the VIPM Idea Exchange: Selecting this option will open a web page for access to VIPM Idea Exchange. You can use this to suggest new VIPM features for the next release of VIPM.

Save Troubleshooting File for JKI Support…: Selecting this menu option will allow you to save a special file that contains VIPM debugging information. This file can then be sent to JKI in a support ticket or email as an attachment. You will be prompted for a folder to save the file.

Buy VIPM Pro: This opens a web page where you can purchase a VIPM Pro serial number.

Activation: This displays the VIPM Activation Dialog.

Enable 30 Day VIPM Pro Trial: This opens the VIPM Activation dialog where you can activate a 30 day trial of VIPM Pro.

Check for VIPM Update: This initiates a check if a newer version of VIPM is available and display a message containing the result of the check.

About VIPM: This displays the VIPM about window.

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