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Editing the Palettes

When you click on the Controls Palette or Functions Palette icon in the Palette Properties page of the VI Package Builder window, a Palette Editor window will open.

The initial default palette shown is auto-generated by VIPM and is based on the directory structure of the source folder. Every folder is converted to a sub-palette and every VI in the folder is shown as an icon in the palette. VIPM does not display folders in the palettes if they are prefixed with an _underscore. This can be useful if you have support VIs that you donít want to show in the palettes.

Figure 49 - open the Palette Editor by clicking on the palette icons

The Palette Editor supports Drag & Drop and right-clicking on items and empty space.  It behaves like the palette editor in LabVIEW, but with some extra features.

Ctrl+Click the icon to open multiple instances of the palette.

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