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Build Information

Figure 46 - Build Information Properties Page

Source Directory: This is the directory of your package source.

Build Output Directory: This is the location where VIPM will put the final built output after a build completes.

Version Number: This is the version number of the built package.

Major: The major version number of your VI Package – increment this when there is a major change to your package.

Minor: The major version number of your VI Package – increment this when there is a minor change to your package.

Fix/Bug: The fix (or “bug fix”) version number – increment this when you fix a bug in your software or make some other very small change.

Build: This number will be auto incremented after each build.

Release Notes / Change Log: This field is intended to store information about changes in the current version of the package being built as it compares to the previous version.

Only changes in this build should be included in here. Do not put the complete history of changes for all builds.

This information presented to the user during a package install in the package information dialog below the package description. Do not include information that would better be placed in the Description field.

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